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Try the Alpha Cab Tone & Tan. The latest combination Vibro-Plate & Sunbed. So you can “Workout” and Tan at the same time without any effort. And yes you’ll also get a better tan !  


Vibration training offers you a healthy body and a healthy mind, a more vital feeling and a more beautiful physique. Burning fat, counteracting cellulite, a relaxing massage or a full body workout- The Vibro-Plate does it all. All it takes is a few minutes a day. Even one minute shows a measurable effect!. Every one can gain clear and measurable results, in a simple and comfortable manner with a minimum of effort. And you don't even have to change your clothes. You can achieve an optimal effect in less than 10 minutes, and without tiring yourself.

Alpha Cab 54 - Tone & Tan

A Vibro-plate is the innovative, time-saving and results-driven way to improve your fitness and well being. Just a few short sessions each week you can enjoy a vast array of benefits including:


 * Faster calorie burning

 * Accelerated body toning

 * Flexibility and suppleness

 * Improvement of balance and continence

 * Weight loss

 * An increase in muscle strength

 * Development of core muscles

 * A reduction in back & joint pain

 * Increased bone density

 * Enhanced circulation and lymphatic flow

 * Decreased blood pressure

 * Fewer varicose veins

 * Better fat combustion

 * Improved skin quality

 * Raised metabolism, improved digestion and colonic movement



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